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Diffusore portatile bluetooth

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B·Hype on the move! With this new M model, dBTechnologies adds a mobile, complete PA to its all-user 2-way speakers family.
B·Hype M mixes the professional acoustic performance of the B·H family with the most advanced versatileness of a complete portable PA equipped with a wireless microphone system, audio media player with Bluetooth connection, SD card and USB port, a long lasting battery, wheels and a retractable top handle: all you need for a professional performance on the move. A perfect solution for travelling shows, busker’s show, nouveau cirque, spoken words acts, and all kind of performance set in outdoor or unconventional venues.
The system is equipped with: one 1” compression driver exit ì and one 10” woofer. The input section allows the user to connect: up to three wired inputs, one wireless microphone, and different media inputs (including Bluetooth® ). Users can also connect the audio output to a second speaker. The control section is equipped with an equalizer and a CH1/RF priority function that attenuates the level of every channel but Channel 1 and the Radio microphones for a smooth automatic ducking effect.
The sturdy and compact cabinet (only 12.5 kgs – 27 lbs) is equipped with wheels and 3 handles (1 per side and 1 retractable on the top). A 36 mm pole mounting also allow use on a speaker stand.

- professional acoustic performance on the move

- integrated wireless microphone system

- available with handheld or bodypack transmitter

- ch1/rf priority function

- on board audio media player

- sd card, usb and bluetooth connection

- up to 4 input channels (3 in +1 bluetooth)

- compact featherweight

- integrated wheels plus retractable handle for smooth transport

Dati tecnici
Speaker Type: Bi-amp battery-powered speaker
Dati acustici
Frequency Response [-10dB]: 62 - 20000 Hz
Max SPL: 123 dB
HF compression driver: 1"
LF: 10"
Dispersion: 90 ° H x 45° H
Crossover frequency: 2400 Hz
Amp: Class D SMPS
Peak Power: 190 Watt
Special Features: Digital battery charger, Battery management and power saving functions
User Interface: 1x OLED Display with 6 keys for media management
Wireless Input: 1x UHF diversity receiver, IR sync function
Mic/Line Input: XLR / 1/4" Jack Combo (Mic - Line)
Stereo Input: 2x RCA In + 1x mini-Jack
USB Media Reader: USB Type "A" port for media files (MP3-WMA-AAC) + SD card
Charging time: 2 hours
Bluetooth® Input: 1x Bluetooth® receiver
Mix Out: 1/4” Jack (unbalanced)
Volume Controls: 4x rotative knobs (Mic/Line, Stereo In, Master, Media)
Controls: 1x Treble and 1x Bass Equalizers
Indicators: 2x LEDs (LIMITER, SIGNAL)
Mains: VDE Socket, 1x 3-position switch (On, Off, Recharge)
Input Section
Mains connection: VDE
Signal IN:
1x Combo (XLR/TRS) balanced;
1x stereo RCS;
Signal OUT: 1x TRS link
Controls: Master Volume, EQ (treble, bass), CH1/RF priority
Housing: Polypropylene PP
Handles: 1x side, 1 on top (retractable)
Grille: Full grille
Width: 300 mm (11.81 in)
Height: 568 mm (22.36 in)
Depth: 301 mm (11.86 in)
Weight (without transmitter): 12.5 kg (27 lbs.)

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