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Elac ELAC SUB 2050



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Compact, powerful and app-controlled, the SUB 2050 uses a single 300 mm woofer driven by a 500-Watt BASH amplifier. Delivering impressive reproduction of the lowest frequencies, its size makes it the perfect complement to compact bookshelf or floorstanding speakers in stereo or multichannel applications.

*500 Watts Max Power
**A Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy Android or IOS device is required to set up and operate this subwoofer.

Product Specifications
Speaker type: Powered subwoofer, closed box
Woofer: 1 x 300 mm AS cone
Frequency response: 19 to 180 Hz
Crossover frequency: 40 to 150 Hz, continuously adjustable
Amplifier Type: BASH-Tracking
Maximum amplifier power: 500 Watts Max
Standby power consumption: 1 Watt
Maximum power consumption: 700 Watts (full load)
Inputs: 2 x line-channel (RCA); 1 x ELAC WL-interface; 3 x LS level
Input sensitivity: 2 x 70 mV (RCA)
Input impedance: 20 k? (RCA)
Cabinet finish: High gloss black or white
Accessories included: AC power cable
Height: 17.3 in / 440 mm
Width: 15.0 in / 380 mm
Depth: 15.0 in / 380 mm
Net weight: 48.5 lb / 22.0 kg

Enter BASH® amplification
BASH (Bridged Amplifier Switching Hybrid) amplifiers represent a ???best of both worlds??? solution for subwoofer amplification, combining the sound quality of Class AB with the efficiency of Class D amplifiers. While a Class AB amp uses fixed supply voltage regardless of input signal, BASH uses a modulated switched mode power supply that tracks the input signal, supplying only the necessary voltage to the Class AB amp as needed. The latest BASH technology has gone through three core evolutions and is further refined in these latest ELAC Debut subwoofers.

Robust cabinets
Every ELAC Debut subwoofer is engineered for the long run with thick MDF outer walls and a luxurious textured vinyl finish. The cabinets of the SUB3010 and SUB3030 incorporate specially designed internal bracing to add stiffness and strength to the outer walls. This bracing greatly reduces cabinet vibration, which causes unwanted coloration to the sound. ELAC believes that the only parts of a speaker that should be moving are the speaker drivers themselves.

Advanced Bluetooth® Control
Doing away with traditional analog controls, the SUB3010, SUB3030, and SUB3070 subwoofers incorporate ELAC???s advanced digital control system. Simply download the ELAC SUB Control 2.0 app for your smartphone and you will have complete control. No more fumbling around the back of the subwoofer again.

Auto EQ
Utilizing the ELAC SUB Control 2.0 app and your smartphone???s microphone, the SUB3010, SUB3030, and SUB3070 subwoofers will automatically equalize to your room???s characteristics using a 12-band parametric equalizer. Manual adjustment is available as well.

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