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Frequently asked questions

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  1. How can I check the acceptance of my order? Shortly after you have placed an order with us, an email will be sent to you acknowledging the exact details of your order.
    If all your data are correct, acceptance of an order placed by you online and the completion of the contract between you and Hi-Fi Di Prinzio will take place by email when your order is dispatched./p>

  2. Are all products ready to be dispatched?
    The availability of products is always indicated in the product information page.
    There are two different levels of availability:

    • Available immediately: the item is available immediately at HI-FI DI PRINZIO; it can be ordered and it will be delivered in a few days.

    • Available within a few days: the item is temporarily out of stock at HI-FI DI PRINZIO but it has already been ordered or the item is available at the supplier's warehouse: it can be ordered immediately and shipping times are usually short but variable. To be acquainted with the times of restock and delivery, please call the number +39 (0)871562198 or email us at

    Acceptance of an order placed by you online and the completion of the contract between you and HI-FI DI PRINZIO will take place when your order is dispatched, unless you have cancelled the order in accordance with the order cancellation instructions set out below.

  3. How can I cancel my order?
    If you wish to cancel your order placed online, please contact us by calling +39 (0) 871562198 to notify us your email address and your order's number. Later forward your acknowledgement email to us at stating your intention to cancel the order.


  1. 1- Is delivery to Italy for free?
    Delivery charges are at your expenses both to Italy and abroad, unless the product page indicates that shipping costs are for free.
    Delivery charges depend on weight and dimensions of goods and are always indicated before you complete your purchase.
    If you are not present when goods are being dispatched, the courier will leave a document at your shipping address in order to contact its offices and to arrange a new date for delivery; in this case, extra charges will be at your expenses.

  2. Can I receive the product from abroad?
    Yes, HI-FI DI PRINZIO accepts orders from Italy and abroad.

  3. What should I do if the package seems damaged?
    In case goods have been tampered or show visible damages, delivery must be protested immediately. The courier gives you a document where you have to write: "I ACCEPT THE PACKAGE UNDER PROTEST; PARCEL HAS BEEN TAMPERED AND SEEMS DAMAGED" or provide for a proper explanation. Therafter please contact one of our operators +39 (0) 871562198 and email us at to report the fact.

  4. Payment

    1. How can I pay?
      HI-FI DI PRINZIO accepts the following methods of payment:

      • Credit Card through Paypal

      • Paypal

      • Postepay through Paypal

      • Wire transfer in advance

    2. Is paying by credit card dangerous?
      Absolutely no. In fact, when you pay by credit card, your data are protected by the SSL technology. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server (where the payment is taken) and a browser (where the payment information is entered). HI-FI DI PRINZIO will never see the customer's credit card number and will only receive the authorization of the credit card provider.
      This procedure is absolutely safe and protects both the customer and the vendor. The SSL technology masks data so that unauthorised sources are unable to read or intercept it.
      Moreover the bank DOES NOT charge additional fees for online payments by credit card.


    1. Can I ask for the invoice?
      You can ask for the invoice only before the order has been processed. Before completing the purchase, you will be asked to give your data and if you wish to ask for the invoice please click on the box "I have a VAT number" and insert the required data.

    2. If I have problems with my purchase, who can I contact?
      HI-FI DI PRINZIO ensures a telephone customer service during its opening hours by calling +39 (0) 871562198 (standard call rate applied by your telephone provider).
      Domiciliary assistance (when possible) can be arranged upon telephone or written agreement. Assistance times will be fast but are always subjected to our technicians' availability and to the waiting list.
      Costs of domiciliary assistance are at your expenses and are subjected to our rates.


    1. If I don't sign up, can I buy anyway?
      Yes, to buy it is not necessary to be registered.

    2. Why should I register?
      Registration at our website allows you to be recognized by the system and to enter your account from which it will be possible to:
      - Take part of exclusive benefits and promotions for our registered users.
      - To access your purchase history.
      - To modify orders which still have to be processed.
      - To control at any time whether or not your order has been dispatched
      - To modify your registration data.

      By signing in, customers can:

      Place their orders faster, as the shipping details are already stored in our system.

    3. Is registration for free?
      Yes, registration is always for free.

    4. How can I register?
      You can register by entering the "Registration area" on the upper right side of the Home Page.
      You will be asked to choose a user name, a password, and an email address.
      It is really important to give a valid email address to allow HI-FI DI PRINZIO to notify information such as: confirmation of order, product availability, confirmation of delivery and other useful information.

    5. By giving my email, will I receive unwanted emails?
      If you do not give your consent to process your personal data for commercial purposes, you will receive only emails concerning your order.

    6. H6- ow can I change my registration details?
      Your registration details can be changed at any moment by entering your account at the section "Information Account".

    7. I forgot my password: what should I do?
      You have to fill out the form that allows you to get back your password by giving the email address provided during the registration process.
      Then an email with a new password will be sent to you.


    1. I am not satisfied with my purchase, can I return it?
      If you are not satisfied with your online purchase, from the day of the receiving you have 10 working days to return it to us.
      By law, customers who buy for professional purposes, which means customers who give a VAT number during the order placement, cannot exercise the right of withdrawal.
      The expenses to return items are those relative to the shipping costs.
      Products must be returned in their original packaging which has to be unbroken, undamaged and complete of all its accessories, documentation and user's manuals. Goods have to be appropriately protected and must not be dirty, damaged, altered or used for a long time.
      To avoid further damages to the original packaging, when possible we recommend to put it in one more package; please DO NOT affix labels and adhesive tapes on the original packaging.

    2. What is the procedure to exercise the right of withdrawal?
      To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer has to:

      1. Return goods to HI-FI DI PRINZIO within 10 working days from the receiving, upon written communication of the intention to exercise the right of withdrawal - first via email at or fax +39(0)871574464 - and later via registered mail at the following address:
        HI-FI DI PRINZIO Sas
        Viale Benedetto Croce, 437
        66100 Chieti (CHIETI) Italy
        On both written communications, please give all the information needed to elaborate the return and refund procedure.

      2. Send back the item to HI-FI DI PRINZIO within 10 working days, using a courier of your own choice and at your own expenses at the following address:
        HI-FI DI PRINZIO Sas
        Viale Benedetto Croce, 437
        66100 Chieti (CHIETI) Italy

      The customer is responsible for all costs and risks concerning the transportation of goods; to avoid problems the customer can choose a secure delivery method at his expenses.
      If the right of withdrawal is not exercised as explained and as by law, HI-FI DI PRINZIO would be legitimate to send back all goods returned at the customer's expenses.
      Communications pertaining the present contract can be forwarded by HI-FI DI PRINZIO via registered letter, email, ordinary post or telefax at the addresses the customer has given. HI-FI DI PRINZIO cannot be held accountable for possible changes in the addresses that have not been notified.

    3. How and when will I be refunded?
      When you exercise the right of withdrawal under the above circumstances HI-FI DI PRINZIO will give you full refund within 30 days (full refund includes possible deposit), by bank transfer or Paypal circuit.
      Refund will be given only if goods are intact.
      If payment has been made through promissory notes that still have not been collected, HI-FI DI PRINZIO will return them.
      In case the price of an item is entirely or partially covered by a credit.
      HI-FI DI PRINZIO has given to the consumer, the credit's contract is solved without penalty (Please note that the right of withdrawal must be exercised under the above circumstances).
      HI-FI DI PRINZIO will inform the customer about the acceptance of the right of withdrawal and when he will be refunded (without penalties); possible legal interests will not be paid.

    4. When will my credit card be charged of my purchase?
      Your credit card will be charged of the money when the system indicates that your purchase has been made with success.


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