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Changjun: Cina
I would like to thank you for a great communication and an easy transaction to work with.
It was a pleasure to do business with you

Fabio: Italia (Veneto)
Thank you for the punctuality of the service and for the courtesy reserved to me

Raffaele: Italia
I know Hi-Fi Di Prinzio since the day I started improving my hi-fi system.

I have to say that both Germany and Austria do not have a store as Di Prinzio hi-fi in terms of choice, professionalism, technical knowledge and customer service.

During my first visit I remained surprised and thrilled, and it was the greatest emotion I had ever experienced in an hi-fi store.

I completely lost myself in this shop, which is literally the planet of music. I spent a whole day (which wasn’t even enough) listening to the possible combinations of systems and at the end, I decided to go for a second-hand hi-fi system which had last for 15 years.

After all those years I decided to change my power amplifier; I checked every online store but none of them has the same huge choice of Di Prinzio hi-fi. That’s why I decided to buy there once again.
The standard shipping time is usually about 3 days and goods are always packed with utmost attention and care.
If you are looking for a great hi-fi dealer now you know where you have to go; also the entire staff and the owner are incredibly kind and professional.

Giuseppe: Italy (Lombardia)
I can say with pleasure that for you every promise is a debt.
This shows you are a serious and reliable company.
My best congratulations to you.

Jyrki: Finland
What i got was some very good old-school customer service
I recommend you to the other hobbyists here in Finland.

Arturo: Italia (Campania)
I am very satisfied with my purchase, which is absolutely excellent in terms of sound, but also with the high-end customer assistance you supplied me.
Also you provided me with many useful and important information that made me choose the best product for me. Fast shipping and excellent customer service.
Thank you very much for your help, you have a new customer now.

Roger: Switzerland
I want to thank you for the quick and good running order and the friendly care via mail!

Antonio: Italia (Puglia)
... Thank you again, it’s a pleasure to find such a professional and helpful staff,
as nowadays it is very uncommon.

Sue: Australia
Thank you for your efforts and patience....
When I think of Italy I think Ducati, Agostini & MV Augusta and Ferrari. Now I will add Luciano and HIFI Di Prinzio to that list.

Tobias: Germany
... And again thank you for your help and friendly expert advise!

Massimo: Italy (Lazio)
I would like to thank you for your kindness, availability and for the unique service provided.

Pascal: Belgium
Thank you very much again for a very smooth, professional and friendly transaction.

Fabrizio: Italia (Liguria)
First of all I would like to thank Mino and all those people who in just two days have showed me to be totally committed to their job, making my shopping experience simply unique. I have complete confidence in you and this is the reason why, in spite of the distance, I decided to buy from your on-line shop.

Daniele: UK
Great hi-fi system and excellent service!

Roland: Switzerland
I like to take the chance to say that I'm absolutely satisfied with the perfect service you have shown to me during the last days. Just perfect. could not be better.

Giacomo: Italia (Toscana)
I would like to thank you HIFI Di Prinzio for the kindness and professionalism that always shows to its customers.

Jörn : Germany
....first of all, let me say "Thank You" for your perfect support.

Mario: Italy (Molise)
Thanks to all staff and to Mr. Mino for the faultless service

Philippe: France
Everything was perfect, very well packaged and the transportation was very quick. Bravo !

I tell you, you are very professional people and really nice people to meet. We appreciated very much your hospitality and we loved the passion that Mino gave us all day long. It will be with a great pleasure to come again to see you and may be make others deals together in the future…

Lorenzo : Italy (Piemonte)
..... great product and great service, thank you.

Remco: Germany
..your detailed pictures, your very good english and the possibility to pay with paypal, along with your willingness to test it thouroughly on my request - made you a very trustworthy seller. I had no hesitations ordering it.

Francesco: Italy (Lomabardy)
Thanks for the professionalism your company proves

Apostolos: Greece
To sum all up: Thank you for a very good transaction. I am extremely pleased and satisfied with HI-Fi DiPrinzio's level of customer service and professionalism..

Please let me know if there is a site or an email address that I can share my excellent experience in dealing with Hi-Fi DiPrinzio. You will be highly recommended by me!

Riccardo : Italy (Sardegna)
... my best compliments for the efficiency and professionalism shown

Mats: Sweden
I have a lot of experience as a buyer in my company and also from private consumption of various goods and services.

This is my experience from HiFI Diprinzio s.a.s. so far:

- Customer contact, email reply etc. , 10 / 10 Fantastic !!
- Shipping agent , 10 / 10 excellent !
- Packing , 10 / 10 Perfect !
- Instructions , 10 / 10 excellent !
- Documents / documentation , 10 / 10 excellent !
- Description of goods , 10 / 10 excellent !
- Price , very satisfied !
- Homepage , 10 / 10 excellent !

I did only spend 1200 Euros, but you did take care of me as if I had spent 100 000 Euros.

Roberto: Italy (Abruzzo)
Quality is the key to customer satisfaction, and many companies claim to have it.
As a matter of fact, only a few of them acquire it. Hi-Fi Di Prinzio is synonym of
reliability and professionalism on this aspect.
Thanks about all my purchases.

Marek: Czeck Republic
…and i`m very satisfied. With boxes and with your perfect support and service too.
Best regards
Marek - satisfied customer

Johannes: Germany
Thanks a lot for your perfect service!

Luigi: Italy (Lombardy)
I would like to thank you for the kindness and patience you deal with customers.
Thank you also to the team, always so kind and professional

Leo: Austria
… I am happy that I have found a very competent dealer in Italy!

Paola: Italy (Lazio)
... my opinion about the service offered by Hifi Di Prinzio:

Van: Canada
I really appreciate your great support , services , conscientious and professionalism. I very please to purchase the item from you.
Thank you so much again for everything

Claudio: Italy (Lazio)
....I have the honor to consider you, among all the so called "master" of the field, one of the few true passionate "GURU" I know and the only ONE that I consider a friend and a person I always trust.
A warm embrace.

Nicolas: France
…. the packaging you made was of great quality !
So i'd like to thank you very much for the care you paid to the packaging and for your time to conclude this sale.

Marco: Italy (Lombardy)
... I was impressed first of all, even more than by the stratospheric level of some products, by the courtesy and helpfulness you showed me. Especially given that, what I was looking for at that time, couldn't have brought any immediate commercial intent.
... I came out from your shop (shop? This concept seems to be very limited ...) with the feeling I had spent an hour with friends ...
... the feeling of pleasure went beyond the grim, although the important material implications ... To sum up my experience in a concept, I haven’t got the memory of another visit in an hi-fi store I had never visited, but an encounter with true passionate people.

Andreas: Germany
Everything absolutely perfect.
Perfect packing. Perfect shipment.
This is what I need.
Thank you for the perfect conclusion.