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High Efficiency a long path of passion

If Hi-End represents the pursuit of perfection, the aim of High Efficiency is to offer a different and more engaging way to reproduce truthfulness sound.

In this sector, Hi-Fi Di Prinzio offers both international brand speakers and systems of speakers handmade inspired by the most famous epoch-making projects, well known for their quality excellence.

The work on these handmade systems has started in the 90's; we have re-elaborated and customized products according to our experiences, and we will continue this work with the aim to always improve their performance. Because of this, we always test the best drivers and components, realized for us by the best manufacturers of the world.

To make our High Efficiency speakers, we have followed rigorous artisan criteria; they have been conceived to be continually improved both for the choice of components and the layout and finishes, in order to offer our customers a product that can be customized according to their tastes and needs.