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Hi-Fi system Meridian

€ 4.500,00
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All our products are covered by Italian warranty.

2nd Hand

Second-hand, in good condition, all of the items except for the amplifier have some scratches (see pictures). The amplifier is suppiled with remote control; no original packages.

Hi-Fi system Meridian made up of:
- Meridian DSP5000 Pair of active speakers
- Meridian G01 Unit control with tuner
- Meridian G08 Cd transport
- Apogee Electronics Rosetta AD Analogue to Digital Converter

Meridian DSP5000
- 2.5-way active loudspeaker with DSP crossover
- Self-contained audio system, each comprising three custom drivers, three amplifiers, two digital converters, digital crossovers and advanced sound-shaping DSP computers
- Remote controlled and requiring no unsightly speaker cables
- Listener control over features including bass, treble tilt, listening axis, volume, time-compensated balance and absolute phase
- Cabinet constructed from veneered MDF
- Horizontal centre channel available
- Maximum output level up to 108dB spl

Meridian G01
Built-in AM/FM tuner with RDS/RDBS
Seven stereo analogue inputs
Unique dual-differential volume control
Input level trim to match Input level trim to match different sources
Dual preamp outputs Dual preamp outputs for bi-amping
Trigger output for external device control
Optional factory-fitted MC or MM phono modules
The culmination of over 25 The culmination of analogue system design experience

Meridian G08
Upsampling for dramatic increase in quality
CD/DVD-ROM drive allows over ten times improvement in error-correction
24-bit DAC operates at 176.4kHz for maximum performance
Balanced & unbalanced analogue outs for maximum quality & flexibility
Multiple buffers for minimum jitter and superior stereo imaging
S/PDIF coax and TOSLink optical digital outs for high-quality replay
Evolved from the award-winning 588 & 800 players