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Jelco JELCO TK-850S


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Tonearm 9

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Jelco TK-850S 9" Static-balance with knife edge tonearm -

- Bearing for vertical direction equipped super steel metal KNIFE EDGE system.
- This Knife Edge material is specially made of super steel, and have very stable and smooth operation.
- This Knife Edge is precision hand made, and result is to have very low friction.
- Designed Hi-mass type system, and deferent kind metal material used for anti vibration, those are very low gravity, and low gravity sound created from this.
- Simple mechanism create good reproduction sound.
- The tonearm geometry allows for a Baerwald alignments which is IEC recommendations.
- This universal type counterweight can be used from 17 to 35 grs cartridge weight including head shell.
- TK-850S is fitted with a standard head shell and can easily be changed with other standard head shell (cartridge).
- This attached head shell can adjust the azimuth angle of the cartridge.